May 16, 2014

Magento Certification Study Grp (2014-04-03 to 2014-06-24) [Training] (United States)
INSTRUCTOR-LED, ONLINE | Apr 3, 11, 15, 28, May 6, 12, 20, 28, Jun 4, 11, 18 & 24 | 7am - 8am PST

The Magento Moderated Certification Study Group prepares developers for the Magento Developer Certification exam. Participants will have access to a forum to ask questions outside of class time. They will also receive a certification voucher to complete the exam.


Curso de PHP Essentials (2014-03-08 to 2014-05-17) [Training] (Brazil)
Este curso tem o objetivo ensinar ao aluno conceitos básicos de PHP e como utilizar essa linguagem para desenvolver aplicações simples, porém de forma correta e profissional.

Após a conclusão do curso, o aluno estará apto a manipular arquivos, variáveis de sessão e cookies, utilizar corretamente as estruturas de controle do PHP, desenvolver aplicações que manipulem formulários e páginas HTML e fazer interação com banco de dados MySQL para persistência dos dados das aplicações.


Under Siege: Secure Web Developm [Training] (Spain)
Websites are under siege. Constantly. Either by deliberate attacks or due to probing scripts, looking for new victims. Most frameworks provide solutions to counter common attack vectors, ensuring that otherwise typical mistakes do not lead into a vulnerability. But there is more to writing secure applications than basic input sanitizing and output escaping. Insecure data persistence, flaws in the handling of authentication and authorization, or trivial implementation quirks may render any protection mechanism useless.

In this training you will learn the rules you need to follow when developing applications that are secure by design. You will also learn how to implement those rules, protecting your users as well as your site from harm.


Risk-Free Framework Usage [Training] (Spain)
Using tried and established frameworks spares you from reinventing solutions others already spent time and effort on implementing. While relying on these proven solutions can support you in getting your software into production faster, tight coupling of your code with the framework should be avoided: To make testing easy and efficient, to stay independent of third-party release cycles, and of course to reduce maintenance efforts.

In this training you will learn how to maximize the benefit of using a framework while staying independent enough from it to minimize the risks of coupling your application too tightly to it.


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