PHP 5.4.36 Released

January 22, 2015

Memphis PHP (Every Fourth Thursday of the month) [User Group Event] (United States)
Memphis PHP is the local PHP usergroup for West Tennessee and the Mid-South area. We get together on the 4th Thursday of every month for food, conversation, and an intermediate-level presentation on PHP.


Complete PHP Training (2014-12-25 to 2015-02-14) [Training] (India)
PHP is the heart of web development. To create dynamic web applications and website you need your command over server side scripting language i.e PHP. But to create complete web application you require knowledge of technology such as HTML, CSS, JQUERY, PHP - MYSQL. Hence VIA has bring all these technologies into the one course . i.e PHP training course. This is practical oriented course in which 80 % of the practicals are involved. Course starting with initial lectures of HTML, CSS with responsive design to create static application. Then the series of PHP concepts starts until you are creating complete dynamic web application using php which also involves PDO and OOPS concepts. In later part you will come across jQuery to make your site interactive and AJAX which will combine jQuery and PHP. At the end of the course you are full fledge web developer who has created two projects during course period. VIA will not just train you to code in php but also how efficiently and effectively you can develop application in PHP


PHP Foundations for Drupal 8 (2015-01-21 to 2015-01-23) [Training] (United States)
With Drupal 8, the Drupal community is embracing improvements and best practices from the wider PHP ecosystem. If you work with Drupal, you’ll want to be prepared! PHP Foundations for Drupal 8 will guide you through modern practices for programming with PHP, focusing on what you’ll need to work with Drupal 8.

As a prerequisite for this course, you should have either taken our Jump Start PHP or PHP Essentials courses, or have an equivalent amount of PHP knowledge.

Topics covered in this class will include:

Advanced Object-Oriented Programming, Using Composer and YAML, Web Security, Web Services and Drupal 8 Module Building


Nomad PHP US Meeting [Training] (United States)
/Regex makes me want to (weep|give up|#$@&%*!\\.?/i Presented by Brett Florio (@brettflorio)

REGEX! Love it or hate it, sometimes you actually need it. And when that time comes, there’s no reason to be afraid or to ask help from that one weirdo on your team who actually loves regular expressions. (I’m that weirdo, fwiw.)

This session is geared towards beginning and intermediate regex users, and will cover the following topics using practical examples that you might encounter in your own projects.

What is regex? How’s it work? A brief history. Syntax, special characters, character classes Grouping, capturing, and common gotchas More advanced topics like: Backreferences; Passive groups; Lookarounds (my favorite) PHP pattern matching and replacements Regex in JavaScript, and js-specific limitations


Nomad PHP EU Meeting [Training] (Netherlands)
Encryption, It’s For More Than Just Passwords

Presented by John Congdon (@johncongdon)

January 22, 2015, 20:00 CET, Location: Online

As developers, most of us are familiar with password hashing and encryption, but are you doing it in the most secure way? A simple md5() isn’t going to cut it. Then there are times you want other data encrypted in a way that you can decrypt it as well. Think Social Security Numbers, Credit Card Numbers, and any other sensitive data that you still need to work with. We will discuss best practices for protecting your data.


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