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September 6, 2014

PHP Dorset (Every First Saturday of the month) [User Group Event] (United Kingdom)
We are a group of web developers from Bournemouth and Surrounding areas in Dorset who want to grow a community of like minded individuals working in PHP or web development.

Please follow us on Twitter @PHPDorset, checkout and join the conversation on IRC Freenode #phpdorset and on Google Groups mailing list to let us know what you\'d like to hear about.


PHP Summer Camp (2014-09-03 to 2014-09-06) [Conference] (Croatia)
The PHP Summer Camp is a special kind of event, 95% time dedicated to workshops providing useful examples, first hand experience and hands on practice. Focus is on delivering cutting edge PHP experience, especially related to Symfony2 framework. Workshops are driven by the expertise of the speaker, so we try to bring the best gurus possible, people like Ryan Weaver, Bernhard Schussek or Derick Rethans.

As an extra option, we organise a boat trip on the last day, its a best way for relaxing after 3 days of hard learning.

This event is a fork of eZ Publish Summer Camp where we had some great learn & fun experience in 2013 and 2012


Northeast PHP - CFP (2014-09-06 to 2014-09-07) [Conference] (United States)
3rd Annual Northeast PHP Technical Conference Announced!

Call for Papers.

This year’s Northeast PHP Conference will once again be held in Boston, MA on September 6 & 7. The call for speakers is currently open and will close on June 1st, with speaker selection being determined by June 15th. For more information:


Free SoCal PHP mini-Camp (2014-09-06 to 2014-09-07) [Conference] (United States)
*** Be sure to register at the Drupal Camp LA website and \\\"select a session\\\". This is important for presenters to gauge audience and for organizers to assign rooms of adequate size. Thanks. ***


SoCal PHP Mini Camp

New for 2014 with the support of the premier Southern California PHP communities of Los Angeles PHP (LAPHP), Orange County PHP (OCPHP), and San Diego PHP (SDPHP) we are pleased to bring you a PHP Mini-Camp within DrupalCamp LA. It will be PHP sessions and dedicated track(s) focused on best practices, technology, and latest in the PHP world happening same day, time, and venue as Drupal Camp LA.

This is an exciting opportunity for the SoCal development community to shine in this first ever joint community event in our area bringing not only the PHP user groups together but also Los Angeles Drupal (LA Drupal) and OC Drupal for a fantastic weekend of intense sharing of knowledge, fun, and networking opportunities.

As the camp is done bar camp style and sessions are volunteered, we invite you to share your knowledge by submitting your sessions and look forward to having you at the camp.

*** Register today *** ...

The local PHP community is nothing without YOU! We not only need local PHP developers to come out and enjoy the day but as this is done barcamp style we need submitted sessions on some great topics. So come out for the day or weekend and share amongst your fellow peers.

Not sure what topics might work, check out the SoCal PHP Mini-camp page on Drupal Camp LA website for some topic suggestions. We are definitely open to hearing open other topics as well!


DrupalCamp LA is the annual FREE conference for the Drupal community in Los Angeles, Orange County, and the Greater Southern California Area.

REGISTRATION Register now for attending and to submit sessions SESSIONS

Just like BarCamp, the sessions are proposed by community volunteers so everyone is welcome to submit a session.


If you are planning or will be attending, feel free to RSVP here so others know to look for you at Drupal Camp Los Angeles but you must register at the Drupal Camp LA website!

Note that you must RSVP at the camp website to gain attendance and select your sessions.


Northeast PHP - Schedule Out [Conference] (United States)
Get your tickets NOW!

We have GREAT speakers coming this year. MAJOR internet companies are represented! Google, Facebook, Zend, Code for America, PHP|Architect, Wikipedia, and Etsy !

Tickets are selling fast, so if you want to be part of this year\\\'s great lineup of speakers and educators you better act fast! Only $150 for 2 days of awesome speakers and amazing keynotes.

Use the code bostonphp to get $25 off!

Sponsor opportunities are still available.

The Northeast PHP Team.


Advanced PHP Development Class (2014-09-03 to 2014-09-15) [Training] (United States)
Our Advanced PHP Development course gives you the concepts, features, tools, and practical advice to use them together to build performant, secure, scalable, and reliable web applications.

This class enables developers to tackle the most advanced features of PHP. It is designed for experienced developers and those who have completed our PHP Essentials course. In particular, it covers all the latest Object-Oriented-Programming (OOP) and functional programming features introduced in PHP 5.3, PHP 5.4, and PHP 5.5. This is our most advanced PHP programming offering. It is delivered as a live, 16 hour, online, instructor-led course in six sessions.

The topics covered include:

Advanced OOP: Namespaces, Inheritance, Interfaces & Abstract Classes, Traits, Class Reflection, Inheritance Scope & Late Static Binding, Overloading & Magic Methods; SPL (Standard PHP Library): Iterators, Interfaces; XML: Reading & Writing XML with SimpleXML, XPath; JSON encoding and decoding; Web Services & APIs: SOAP, REST; Anonymous functions, Lambdas, and Closures; DateTime & Timezones; Regular Expressions; Performance & Scaling: Server Side Opcode caching, Server Side Caching Types & Schemes, Browser Side Performance Best Practices.


Core and Advanced PHP Workshop (Every First Saturday of the month) [Training] (India)
TOPS offers training in all Web Technologies. Our expertise is in training students in ASP.Net, VB.Net, PHP, Java, Open CMS, Drupal, Joomla, Software Testing (Manual and Automation), QTP, and Loadrunner and enabling them to get employment with various companies in Gujarat. PHP Training (TOPS Certified Software Developer)

Ø Theory


Software Engineering

Introduction to PHP

PHP as a web tool

Variables and Expressions in PHP

PHP Operators

Conditional Test, Events and Flows in PHP

Functions and Arrays using PHP

Handling Databases with PHP

String Manipulation with PHP

Sessions and Cookies in PHP

Files and Directory Access

I/O issues

Handling e-mail



Open Source: Joomla/Drupal

Ø Practical

o Syllabus

Live Project Experience

College Students from Gujarat (Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Rajkot, Jamnagar, Mehsana, Surat, Valsad, Bhavnagar, Patan) Amreli, Gandhinagar Gujarat, Udaipur, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh (M.P) BCA, MCA, BE IT, BE Tech, BSC IT can also join.


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