Last 5.3 release ever available: PHP 5.3.29 - 5.3 now EOL
Zend Framework Essentials Class (2014-08-14 to 2014-08-27) [Training] (United States)
Our Essential Zend Framework course is a 19-hour online instructor-lead tutorial-style course that takes an in-depth look at Zend Framework 1 and its components. This is a very comprehensive course and essential if you are currently considering using Zend Framework 1 in a new or existing project. This course will also help you if you have been required to debug or expand upon another application using it. Attendees will be challenged with real-world examples during the course of the class.

This class is for all professional PHP developers, and covers the following topics:

Model View Controller (MVC) Basics, MVC in Zend Framework, Data access, Web Services with Zend Framework, Authorization and Authentication, Exceptions, Error Management, RIA with Zend Framework, Working with Forms, Page Layouts, Advanced functionality, Framework internals, and Tips and Tricks


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