(PHP 4, PHP 5 < 5.2.1)

ifx_errormsgGibt die Fehlermeldung des zuletzt aufgetretenen Informix Fehlers zurück


string ifx_errormsg ([ int $errorcode ] )

Gibt die Informix-Fehlermeldung des letzten Fehlers zurück, oder, falls der optionale Parameter "errorcode" angegeben wurde, die Fehlermeldung, die zu "errorcode" gehört.

Beispiel #1 ifx_errormsg() Beispiel


Siehe auch: ifx_error()

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monts at netcabo dot pt
12 years ago
The support for message-strings send by triggers is not implemented.

The common error send by triggers is the -746.
In the sqlerrm is the message for the error returned from a trigger.

This driver does not take this in mind.

Sorry for my bad english...

J. Montenegro
sven at sveni dot com
13 years ago
Nice function to call. Very helpfull if you want to use in combination with an own ErrorHandler. But informix error recognition seems just to work directly after calling a informix function.

* checks weater error has occured or not
* @return false if no error, else error message
function db_error_occured()
    $err_code = ifx_error();
    if (substr($err_code,0,1) != ' ') {
        return ifx_errormsg();
    else {
        return false;
} //db_error_occured
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