PHP 5.4.37 Released


(PHP 4, PHP <=5.2.0)

ifx_errormsgGibt die Fehlermeldung des zuletzt aufgetretenen Informix Fehlers zurück


string ifx_errormsg ([ int $errorcode ] )

Gibt die Informix-Fehlermeldung des letzten Fehlers zurück, oder, falls der optionale Parameter "errorcode" angegeben wurde, die Fehlermeldung, die zu "errorcode" gehört.

Beispiel #1 ifx_errormsg() Beispiel


Siehe auch: ifx_error()

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monts at netcabo dot pt
9 years ago
The support for message-strings send by triggers is not implemented.

The common error send by triggers is the -746.
In the sqlerrm is the message for the error returned from a trigger.

This driver does not take this in mind.

Sorry for my bad english...

J. Montenegro
sven at sveni dot com
9 years ago
Nice function to call. Very helpfull if you want to use in combination with an own ErrorHandler. But informix error recognition seems just to work directly after calling a informix function.

* checks weater error has occured or not
* @return false if no error, else error message
function db_error_occured()
    $err_code = ifx_error();
    if (substr($err_code,0,1) != ' ') {
        return ifx_errormsg();
    else {
        return false;
} //db_error_occured
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