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(PHP 4)

swf_addbuttonrecord Controls location, appearance and active area of the current button


void swf_addbuttonrecord ( int $states , int $shapeid , int $depth )

The swf_addbuttonrecord() function allows you to define the specifics of using a button. The first parameter, states, defines what states the button can have, these can be any or all of the following constants: BSHitTest, BSDown, BSOver or BSUp. The second parameter, the shapeid is the look of the button, this is usually the object id of the shape of the button. The depth parameter is the placement of the button in the current frame.

Beispiel #1 swf_addbuttonrecord() function example

swf_startButton ($objid, TYPE_MENUBUTTON);
    swf_addButtonRecord (BSDown|BSOver, $buttonImageId, 340);
    swf_onCondition (MenuEnter);
        swf_actionGetUrl ("", "_level1");
    swf_onCondition (MenuExit);
        swf_actionGetUrl ("", "_level1");
swf_endButton ();

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