Last 5.3 release ever available: PHP 5.3.29 - 5.3 now EOL


(PHP 4 >= 4.2.0)

aggregate_methods_by_regexp Selective class methods aggregation to an object using a regular expression


void aggregate_methods_by_regexp ( object $object , string $class_name , string $regexp [, bool $exclude = false ] )

Aggregates methods from a class to an existing object using a regular expression to match method names.

The class constructor or methods whose names start with an underscore character (_), which are considered private to the aggregated class, are always excluded.






The optional parameter exclude is used to decide whether the regular expression will select the names of methods to include in the aggregation (i.e. exclude is FALSE), or to exclude from the aggregation (exclude is TRUE).

Return Values

No value is returned.

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