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(PHP 4)

com_invokeLlama a un método de un componente COM [obsoleto]


mixed com_invoke ( resource $com_object , string $function_name [, mixed $function_parameters ] )

com_invoke() invoca el método llamado function_name del componente COM referebciado por com_object. com_invoke() devuelve FALSE en caso de error, devuelve el valor devuelto por function_name en caso de éxito. Todos los parámetro extra function_parameters son pasados al método function_name.

Ejemplo #1 No use com_invoke(), en su lugar usar la sintaxis OO

// haga esto
$val $obj->método($uno$dos);
// en lugar de esto:
$val com_invoke($obj'método'$uno$dos);

Nota: This function does not exist in PHP 5; instead, you should use the regular and more natural OO syntax to access properties or call methods.

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tomer at parity-bit dot com
9 years ago
Note that if you want to use a string to specify the method to call (e.g. a drop-down list to decide what to do to a server process) you can do this in three ways.

The first is to use this function, as in <?php com_invoke($obj, $_GET['func']); ?>
That's bad.

The second is to use eval(), as in <?php eval("\$obj->{$_GET['func']}();"); ?>
That's very very very *very* bad.

The third is to use call_user_func(), as in <?php call_user_func(array($obj, $_GET['func'])); ?>
That's very good.

Remember to validate the user input against a list of allowed methods if a non-admin is at the console.
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