Xitami en Microsoft Windows

Esta sección contiene notas y sugerencias específicas para » Xitami en Windows.


Debe leer primero los pasos del Manual de instalación.

Esta lista describe cómo configurar el PHP CGI binary para trabajar con Xitami en Windows.

Nota: Importante para los usuarios de CGI

Leer las preguntas frecuentes en cgi.force_redirect para más detalles importantes. Esta directiva se debe establecer a0. Si desea utilizar $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'] tienes que habilitar la directiva cgi.fix_pathinfo.


Al usar el modo CGI, su servidor esta expuesto a diferentes ataques. Por favor, leer la sección Seguridad con CGI para aprender cómo defenderse de estos ataques.

  • Asegúrese de que el servidor web está funcionando, y apunte el navegador a la consola de administración xitamis (por lo general, Y haga clic en Configuración.

  • Navegue a los filtros, y ponga la extensión PHP que debe analizar (es decir, .php) en el campo de las extensiones del fichero(.xxx).

  • En el comando del filtro o script coloque la ruta y el nombre de el ejecutable PHP CGI es decir, C:\php\php.exe para PHP 4, o C:\php\php-cgi.exe para PHP 5.

  • Pulse el icono "Guardar".

  • Reinicie el servidor para reflejar los cambios.

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User Contributed Notes 8 notes

9 years ago
I used php v 5.1.4 and the latest Xitami version.

1st change, use 'C:\php\php-win.exe' (in Windows OS) instead of 'C:\php\php-cgi.exe'

2nd change, you must click on the save button after you have changed the filters page and then again in the standarn configuration page.

finally, restart the server by going to the windows Gui interface (right click on the Xitami symbol in the system tray and choose properties) and click suspend (so the background for the 'X' goes red) then click start again.

hope this helps anyone with problems
rjb1 at catalog dot net dot au
11 years ago
I am running xitami as a business www server on ms-windows. I have a number of long-running PHP scripts. I developed a tiny java applet to receive and display progressive status information from these slow scripts. It effectively facilitates SERVER PUSH from PHP scripts to IE and Netscape browsers.  Take a look: catalog.net.au/netClient.zip (Ron Boles, Melbourne, Australia)
rjb1 at catalog dot net dot au
12 years ago
I have developed a small GUI in c++, which runs XITAMI and configures the Xitami ISAPI interface for use with PHP. It is so much faster than the PHP cgi interface and appears to be more stable too.
Take a look here: http://catalog.net.au/xisapi/default.html
Ron Boles
Melbourne, Australia
12 years ago
I was only able to get PHP (4.3.3) working under Xitami (2.5c0) on Windows XP (SP1) by adding the following lines to defaults.cfg:


Note the quotation marks and the forward slashes in the filter section.
david at advisorymatters dot co dot uk
12 years ago
Using the CGI (c:\php[version]\php.exe) with Xitami since PHP version 4.3.2 requires the following setting in php.ini before the $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'] call will return a value:


Note that $_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME'] still works.
Tom dot Cockaert at d-c-s dot be
8 years ago
I was able to get it to work with the info from Alex (
06-Jan-2007 12:22) with one addition though.

When I did the steps he mentioned I did not see anything yet in my browser.
I still had to hard refresh my page by CTRL-F5, then I finally had an output from my testscript.

ae_engine at yahoo dot com
11 years ago
I have successfully configured Xitami using cgi.redirect
in PHP
set cgi.redirect = 1
set cgi.redirect_status = CGI_REDIRECT_STATUS;

in Xitami, defaults.cfg
janko dot slavic at email dot si
13 years ago
[Editors Note]
You can force IE to disregard a cached page by pressing the Control key and click the Refresh button.

Please, do not forget the IE caches files.

I had a test.php and got the error message. I changed the defaults.cfg and also the cgi.force_redirect to = 0. After restarting the Xitami the error message was still there.
After a while I saved the test.php file to test2.php and found that it is working fine...
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