Esta extensión » PECL no se distribuye con PHP.

Se puede encontrar información para la instalación de esta extensión PECL en el capítulo del manual titulado Instalación de extensiones PECL. Se puede encontrar información adicional, tal como nuevos lanzamientos, descargas, ficheros fuente, información de mantenimiento, y un CHANGELOG, aquí: »

Actualmente, no hay ninguna DLL disponible para esta extensión PECL. Véase también la sección Compilar en Windows .

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Dmitry Zenovich
2 years ago
The project is now hosted on

To install a release version, simply type

sudo pecl install

(to install version 1.0.3).
See the for the full list of release files.

To get most fresh and hot features you may also build the extension from master-branch source code. Clone it with
git clone git://
and follow the instructions in the README file.
Ferrie Herrie
1 year ago
If you're missing installation instructions in the readme and normal installations don't work, this is what worked for me on Centos 5.9 with php 5.3.3

cd /tmp
git clone
cd runkit
pecl install package.xml

// Add to php.ini:

// Restart your webserver
service httpd restart
1 month ago
Also you can create a dedicated config file to enable runkit extension in PHP. Just create a new file called /etc/php5/conf.d/runkit.ini and add this content to it:

or run this linux command:
cat <<EOF> /etc/php5/conf.d/runkit.ini

This is a cleaner solution then edit the php.ini.
whereyoucanemailme at gmail dot com
8 months ago
Make sure to install pthreads first.
pecl install pthreads

With the following options:

then installed runkit
4 years ago
If the normal PECL installation doesn't work for you, you may want to install from SVN instead:

svn checkout
cd trunk
pecl install package.xml

After pecl has finished installing runkit, add the following line to your php.ini file(s):

Then restart your webserver, and runkit should now be installed and working with your PHP installation.
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