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The HttpRequestPool class

Class synopsis

HttpRequestPool implements Iterator , Countable {
public bool attach ( HttpRequest $request )
void __construct ([ HttpRequest $request [, HttpRequest $... ]] )
void __destruct ( void )
bool detach ( HttpRequest $request )
array getAttachedRequests ( void )
array getFinishedRequests ( void )
void reset ( void )
bool send ( void )
protected bool socketPerform ( void )
protected bool socketSelect ([ float $timeout = 0 ] )

Class Members


The HttpRequestPool class does not have any properties.

Predefined Constants

The HttpRequestPool class does not have any constants.

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marcus at synchromedia dot co dot uk
2 years ago
This class no longer exists. The http extension was competely rewritten for version 2.0 and is entirely incompatible with version 1.x. I'm sure it's much improved, but the documentation is useless and offers no help at all upgrading - or more to the point, in rewriting all your code, since almost everything has changed. This is an irresponsible and inadvisable change for whoever allowed this to be released under the same name.
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