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کلاس LogicException


استثنا ایجاد شده هنگام ایراد در عبارت منطقی

Class synopsis

LogicException extends Exception {
/* Inherited methods */
final public string Exception::getMessage ( void )
final public int Exception::getCode ( void )
final public string Exception::getFile ( void )
final public int Exception::getLine ( void )
final public array Exception::getTrace ( void )
final public string Exception::getTraceAsString ( void )
public string Exception::__toString ( void )
final private void Exception::__clone ( void )
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User Contributed Notes 2 notes

Dawid Krysiak
7 years ago
Direct known subclasses:
BadFunctionCallException, DomainException, InvalidArgumentException, LengthException, OutOfRangeException
evguenia dot chagnon at gmail dot com
1 year ago
LogicException example from Drupal;

    if (!isset($context['target_instance'])) {
      throw new \LogicException('$context[\'target_instance\'] must be set to denormalize with the FieldItemNormalizer');
    if ($context['target_instance']->getParent() == NULL) {
      throw new \LogicException('The field item passed in via $context[\'target_instance\'] must have a parent set.');
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