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کلاس SplQueue


کلاس SplQueue عملکرد اصلی پیاده‌سازی صف را با استفاده لیست دو پیوندی پیاده می‌کند.

Class synopsis

SplQueue extends SplDoublyLinkedList implements Iterator , ArrayAccess , Countable {
/* Methods */
__construct ( void )
mixed dequeue ( void )
void enqueue ( mixed $value )
void setIteratorMode ( int $mode )
/* Inherited methods */
mixed SplDoublyLinkedList::key ( void )
void SplDoublyLinkedList::offsetSet ( mixed $index , mixed $newval )
mixed SplDoublyLinkedList::pop ( void )
mixed SplDoublyLinkedList::top ( void )

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User Contributed Notes 2 notes

Manu Manjunath
11 months ago
SplQueue inherits from SplDoublyLinkedList. So, objects of SplQueue support methods push() and pop(). But please be advised that if you use push() and pop() methods on a SplQueue object, it behaves like a stack rather than a queue.

For example:

$q = new SplQueue();

Above code returns:

SplQueue Object
    [flags:SplDoublyLinkedList:private] => 4
    [dllist:SplDoublyLinkedList:private] => Array
            [0] => 1
            [1] => 2

Note that 3 got popped and *not* 1.

So, please make sure that you use only enqueue() and dequeue() methods on a SplQueue object and *not* push() and pop().
28 days ago
You can use shift/unshift and push/pop to dequeue/undequeue and queue/unqueue respectively. Really handy for those applications that use sockets where you might not know you can't send data until you attempt to.

for example, this is a function for an application that will un-dequeue the remainder of the data if socket_write indicated it did not write the entire contents of the provided data.

function processSendQueue($socket, $sendQueue) {
    while (!
$sendQueue->isEmpty()) {
//shift() is the same as dequeue()
$senditem = $sendQueue->shift();

//returns the number of bytes written.
$rtn = socket_write($socket, $senditem);
        if (
$rtn === false) {
            throw new
exception("send error: " . socket_last_error($socket));
        if (
$rtn < strlen($senditem) {
$sendQueue->unshift(substr($senditem, $rtn);
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