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(PHP 4, PHP 5)

pg_fetch_rowGet a row as an enumerated array


array pg_fetch_row ( resource $result [, int $row ] )

pg_fetch_row() fetches one row of data from the result associated with the specified result resource.

Note: This function sets NULL fields to the PHP NULL value.



PostgreSQL query result resource, returned by pg_query(), pg_query_params() or pg_execute() (among others).


Row number in result to fetch. Rows are numbered from 0 upwards. If omitted or NULL, the next row is fetched.

Return Values

An array, indexed from 0 upwards, with each value represented as a string. Database NULL values are returned as NULL.

FALSE is returned if row exceeds the number of rows in the set, there are no more rows, or on any other error.


Version Description
4.1.0 The parameter row became optional.


Example #1 pg_fetch_row() example


if (!
$conn) {
"An error occured.\n";

$result pg_query($conn"SELECT author, email FROM authors");
if (!
$result) {
"An error occured.\n";

while (
$row pg_fetch_row($result)) {
"Author: $row[0]  E-mail: $row[1]";
"<br />\n";

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