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(PHP 4)

swf_pushmatrixوارد نمودن ماتریس تبدیل فعلی به پشته


void swf_pushmatrix ( void )

وارد نمودن ماتریس تبدیل فعلی به پشته.

Return Values

No value is returned.

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greg at newtechy dot com
15 years ago
This function saves the current transformation settings on the stack so that you can restore it later if you need to.  You can restore it with the popmatrix function.  For example, if you run this code:

// save the current transformation matrix

// translate this object
swf_definefont(3, "Mod");
swf_definetext(3, "Hello", 1);
swf_translate(50, 50, 0);
swf_placeobject(3, 50);

// reload the last saved transformation matrix


Only the text "Hello" will be transformed to that location on the animation.  At first when I started using this library I didn't know what this did, but this is what I've found so far.  It can be very useful in animation.
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