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(PHP 4 >= 4.0.3)

xslt_createساخت پردازشگر جدید XSLT


resource xslt_create ( void )

ساخت و بازگرداندن پردازشگر جدید منبع XSLT برای تغییر توسط بقیه توابع XSLT.

Return Values

بازگرداندن شناساگر پیوند پردازشگر XSLT در صورت موفقیت یا FALSE در صورت خطا.


Example #1 مثال xslt_create()

function xml2html($xmldata$xsl)
/* $xmldata -> your XML */
    /* $xsl -> XSLT file */

$path 'include';
$arguments = array('/_xml' => $xmldata);
$xsltproc xslt_create();
$html =

    if (empty(
$html)) {
'XSLT processing error: 'xslt_error($xsltproc));

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User Contributed Notes 5 notes

garth at webconexion dot net
12 years ago
In order to pass PHP variables into an XSL document you need to do the following:

Firstly I created the following function to use:

function GetXHTML($sXML, $sXSL, $aParameters)
    $hXML = xslt_create();
    $aArguments = array('/_xml' => $sXML, '/_xsl' => $sXSL);
    $sXHTML = xslt_process($hXML, 'arg:/_xml', 'arg:/_xsl', NULL, $aArguments, $aParameters);
    return $sXHTML;

Then call it like thus, passing the XML and XSL as a string with the final parameter being an array which can contain as many values as you wish to pass in:

$sXHTML = GetXHTML($sXML, $sXSL, array("age"=>"26"));

Then in the XSL document you need the following:

<xsl:param name="age" />

Then where you want to display the value of age you do this:

<xsl:value-of select="$age" />

Thanks now.
7 years ago

I changed the function from myadzel (?) a little bit, so that it now correctly uses either a file OR a string as parameter - WITHOUT producing PHP warnings. See here:

function xslt ($xml, $xsl) {

$xh = @xslt_create();

$args['xml'] = ( file_exists( $xml ) )?join ('', file ($xml)):$xml;
$args['xsl'] = ( file_exists( $xsl ) )?join ('', file ($xsl)):$xsl;

// try with a string
$result = @xslt_process ($xh, 'arg:/xml', 'arg:/xsl', NULL, $args);

// try with resource
if (!$result) { $result = @xslt_process ($xh, $xml, $xsl); }

xslt_free ($xh);


echo xslt ('./index.xml', './index.xsl');
echo xslt ('<test><example>An example!</example></test>', './index.xsl');
sxguard-1trail(At)yahoo dot com
8 years ago
Hardly can I find this. But, those required dll is not included in the package and no link for download.

It's a pitty that no discussion about this within

  Note   to   Win32   Users:     In   order   to   enable   this   module   on   a   Windows   environment,   you   must   copy   several   files   from   the   DLL   folder   of   the   PHP/Win32   binary   package   to   the   SYSTEM32   folder   of   your   windows   machine.   (Ex:   C:\WINNT\SYSTEM32   or   C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32).   For   PHP   <=   4.2.0   copy   sablot.dll     and   expat.dll   to   your   SYSTEM32   folder.   For   PHP   >=   4.2.1   copy   sablot.dll,   expat.dll   and   iconv.dll   to   your   SYSTEM32   folder.
myadzel at gmail dot com
9 years ago
All for a long time know about a problem xslt-transformation in php.
We shall try a trivial way, knowing, that xslt_process () accepts string or resources in it's parameters.

function xslt ($xml, $xsl) {

    $xh = @xslt_create();

    $args['xml'] = join ('', file ($xml));
    $args['xsl'] = join ('', file ($xsl));

    // try with a string
    $result = @xslt_process ($xh, 'arg:/xml', 'arg:/xsl', NULL, $args);

    // try with resource
    if (!$result) { $result = @xslt_process ($xh, $xml, $xsl); }

    @xslt_free ($xh);
    return $result;


For example: echo xslt ('./index.xml', './index.xsl');
Kerry Kobashi
11 years ago
It should be noted that xslt_create() will return FALSE in the case of failure (Sablotron processor could not be created).

This, obtained from looking at the source code extension.
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