(PHP 4, PHP 5)

zend_versionدریافت نسخه فعلی موتور Zend


string zend_version ( void )

بازگرداندن رشته شامل نسخه موتور در حال اجرای فعلی Zend.

Return Values

بازگرداندن شماره نسخه موتور Zend به عنوان رشته.


Example #1 مثال zend_version()

echo "Zend engine version: " zend_version();

The above example will output something similar to:

Zend engine version: 2.2.0

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kudomago at gmail dot com
1 month ago
It would have been nicer to use consistent format in functions/methods ( including built-in functions) :
phpversion() -- kewords together
zend_version()  -- using underscore
getTimezone()  -- camel case
DateTimeZone() -- Pascal case
are all  different formats.
Using a consistent format will definitely  make coding much easier to remember and more instinctive.
Productivity of PHP programmers will definitely be maximised.
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