Runtime Configuration

The behaviour of these functions is affected by settings in php.ini.

Mysqlnd_ms Configure Options
Name Default Changeable Changelog
mysqlnd_ms.enable 0 its PHP_INI_* value
mysqlnd_ms.force_config_usage 0 its PHP_INI_* value
mysqlnd_ms.ini_file   its PHP_INI_* value
mysqlnd_ms.collect_statistics   its PHP_INI_* value

Here's a short explanation of the configuration directives.

mysqlnd_ms.enable integer

Enables or disables the plugin. If set to disabled, the extension will not plug into mysqlnd to proxy internal mysqlnd C API calls.

mysqlnd_ms.force_config_usage integer

If enabled the plugin checks if the host (server) parameter value of any MySQL connection attempt matches a section name from the plugin configuration file. If not, the connection attempt is blocked.

mysqlnd_ms.ini_file string

Plugin specific configuration file.

mysqlnd_ms.collect_statistics integer

Enables or disables the collection of statistics. The collection of statistics is disabled by default for performance reasons. Statistics are returned by the function mysqlnd_ms_get_stats().

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