YAZ Functions

Table of Contents

  • yaz_addinfo — بازگرداندن اطلاعات اضافی خطا
  • yaz_ccl_conf — تنظیم تحلیل‌گر CCL
  • yaz_ccl_parse — Invoke CCL Parser
  • yaz_close — بستن اتصال YAZ
  • yaz_connect — Prepares for a connection to a Z39.50 server
  • yaz_database — Specifies the databases within a session
  • yaz_element — Specifies Element-Set Name for retrieval
  • yaz_errno — Returns error number
  • yaz_error — Returns error description
  • yaz_es_result — Inspects Extended Services Result
  • yaz_es — Prepares for an Extended Service Request
  • yaz_get_option — Returns value of option for connection
  • yaz_hits — Returns number of hits for last search
  • yaz_itemorder — Prepares for Z39.50 Item Order with an ILL-Request package
  • yaz_present — آماده برای بازیابی (Z39.50 حاضر)
  • yaz_range — مشخص کردن بازه رکوردهای مورد بازیابی
  • yaz_record — Returns a record
  • yaz_scan_result — Returns Scan Response result
  • yaz_scan — Prepares for a scan
  • yaz_schema — Specifies schema for retrieval
  • yaz_search — Prepares for a search
  • yaz_set_option — Sets one or more options for connection
  • yaz_sort — تعیین معیار مرتب‌سازی
  • yaz_syntax — مشخص کردن دستور رکورد ترجیح داده شده برای بازیابی
  • yaz_wait — انتظار برای Z39.50 تا کامل شدن درخواست‌ها
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12 years ago
Straightforward Steps to get PHP Yaz to work on win32:

Download latest verion of php_yaz.dll and copy to your PHP extensions directory

Download latest version of YAZ toolkit and install it

Go to the YAZ toolkit directory
(Most likely C:\Program Files\YAZ\bin)

Copy the 4 DLL files in that folder into your win32 directory

Uncomment the "extention=php_yaz.dll;" line in php.ini

Restart your web server.

Uninstall the YAZ toolkit if you wish.
cstdenis at hotmail dot com
13 years ago
For those wondering what it is:

"This standard defines a client/server based service and protocol for
Information Retrieval. It specifies procedures and formats for a client to search a
database provided by a server, retrieve database records, and perform related
information retrieval functions. The protocol addresses communication between
information retrieval applications at the client and server; it does not address interaction
between the client and the end-user."
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