PHP 7.1.18 Released

YAZ Functions

Table of Contents

  • yaz_addinfo — بازگرداندن اطلاعات اضافی خطا
  • yaz_ccl_conf — تنظیم تحلیل‌گر CCL
  • yaz_ccl_parse — Invoke CCL Parser
  • yaz_close — بستن اتصال YAZ
  • yaz_connect — Prepares for a connection to a Z39.50 server
  • yaz_database — Specifies the databases within a session
  • yaz_element — Specifies Element-Set Name for retrieval
  • yaz_errno — Returns error number
  • yaz_error — Returns error description
  • yaz_es_result — Inspects Extended Services Result
  • yaz_es — Prepares for an Extended Service Request
  • yaz_get_option — Returns value of option for connection
  • yaz_hits — Returns number of hits for last search
  • yaz_itemorder — Prepares for Z39.50 Item Order with an ILL-Request package
  • yaz_present — آماده برای بازیابی (Z39.50 حاضر)
  • yaz_range — مشخص کردن بازه رکوردهای مورد بازیابی
  • yaz_record — Returns a record
  • yaz_scan_result — Returns Scan Response result
  • yaz_scan — Prepares for a scan
  • yaz_schema — Specifies schema for retrieval
  • yaz_search — Prepares for a search
  • yaz_set_option — Sets one or more options for connection
  • yaz_sort — تعیین معیار مرتب‌سازی
  • yaz_syntax — مشخص کردن دستور رکورد ترجیح داده شده برای بازیابی
  • yaz_wait — انتظار برای Z39.50 تا کامل شدن درخواست‌ها
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adam at indexdata dot dk
1 month ago
When using Apache, you must also place libxslt.dll and yaz5.dll in \xampp\apache\bin . (No need need to copy libxml2 because it is already there).
12 years ago
Straightforward Steps to get PHP Yaz to work on win32:

Download latest verion of php_yaz.dll and copy to your PHP extensions directory

Download latest version of YAZ toolkit and install it

Go to the YAZ toolkit directory
(Most likely C:\Program Files\YAZ\bin)

Copy the 4 DLL files in that folder into your win32 directory

Uncomment the "extention=php_yaz.dll;" line in php.ini

Restart your web server.

Uninstall the YAZ toolkit if you wish.
cstdenis at hotmail dot com
13 years ago
For those wondering what it is:

"This standard defines a client/server based service and protocol for
Information Retrieval. It specifies procedures and formats for a client to search a
database provided by a server, retrieve database records, and perform related
information retrieval functions. The protocol addresses communication between
information retrieval applications at the client and server; it does not address interaction
between the client and the end-user."
4 months ago
Updated steps to install this extension on windows 7 (january 2018)

1)Go to: and search trough the folders until you find the one that matches your php installation.

2)Download all four files:    libxml2.dll, libxslt.dll, php_yaz.dll, yaz5.dll

3)Place the following files inside your php folder (\xampp\php): libxml2.dll, libxslt.dll, yaz5.dll

4)Place php_yaz.dll inside your php extensions folder (xampp\php\ext)

5)Add the following line to php.ini (you can find out where is php.ini located calling phpinfo): extension=php_yaz.dll
(look for the place where all the other extension are declarated and place it at the bottom as the las one installed)

6)Restart your server

That should work. You can check if it is installed by calling phpinfo and checking if yaz extension appears as a section.

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