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(PHP 5 >= 5.3.0)

SQLite3Result::columnTypeباز گرداندن نوع ستون nام


public int SQLite3Result::columnType ( int $column_number )

باز گرداندن نوع ستون nام مشخص شده با column_number.



اندیس عددی مبنای صفر ستون.

Return Values

بازگرداندن اندیس نوع داده ستون مشخص شده با column_number (یکی از SQLITE3_INTEGER، SQLITE3_FLOAT، SQLITE3_TEXT، SQLITE3_BLOB، یا SQLITE3_NULL).

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phpnotes at carwash dot org
2 years ago
This function never returns any value other than 5, indicating SQLITE3_NULL.  SQLite 3 doesn't have column types, it has column affinities.  Different rows of the same table (and rows resulting from a SELECT) can hold values of different types.  Therefore this API cannot return anything useful, and the method appears to be using SQLITE3_NULL as a placeholder.

The function in useless and should be removed or marked as deprecated in future releases, so as not to give any programmer the false idea that the values returned are useful.
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