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(PECL cairo >= 0.1.0)

CairoMatrix::initTranslate -- cairo_matrix_init_translateCreates a new translation matrix


Stile orientato agli oggetti (method):

public static void CairoMatrix::initTranslate ( float $tx , float $ty )

Stile procedurale:

object cairo_matrix_init_translate ( float $tx , float $ty )

Creates a new matrix to a transformation that translates by tx and ty in the X and Y dimensions, respectively.

Elenco dei parametri


amount to translate in the X direction


amount to translate in the Y direction

Valori restituiti

Returns a new CairoMatrix object that can be used with surfaces, contexts, and patterns.


Example #1 Stile orientato agli oggetti

/* Create a new Matrix */
$matrix CairoMatrix::initTranslate(1.02.0);

Example #2 Stile procedurale

/* Create a new Matrix */
$matrix cairo_matrix_init_translate(1.02.0);

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