PHP 7.3.0 alpha 2 Released


Installation requirements on Windows

Version information does not differ from that above. There are binaries available from so that you can load this extension on Windows without need for a compiler.

Installation requirements on other platforms

PHP >= 5.1.3 and ImageMagick >= 6.2.4 is required. The amount of formats supported is by Imagick is entirely dependent upon the amount of formats supported by your ImageMagick installation. For example, Imagemagick requires ghostscript to conduct PDF operations.

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Alex Ivaylov
9 months ago
Unfortunately the Windows binaries downloaded from the Imagemagick website did not work with PHP 7. It seems that they used Visual C++ 2013 to compile imagemagick while PHP used Visual C++ 2015. There is another build of imagemagick which worked with PHP 7 here:
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