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(PECL sphinx >= 1.0.3)

SphinxClient::setOverrideSets temporary per-document attribute value overrides


public bool SphinxClient::setOverride ( string $attribute , int $type , array $values )

Sets temporary (per-query) per-document attribute value overrides. Override feature lets you "temporary" update attribute values for some documents within a single query, leaving all other queries unaffected. This might be useful for personalized data

Elenco dei parametri


An attribute name.


An attribute type. Only supports scalar attributes.


Array of attribute values that maps document IDs to overridden attribute values.

Log delle modifiche

PECL/sphinx Versione Descrizione
1.0.3 Added SphinxClient::setOverride(), available only if compiled with libsphinxclient >= 0.9.9.

Valori restituiti

Restituisce TRUE in caso di successo, FALSE in caso di fallimento.

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