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(PECL weakref >= 0.1.0)

Weakref::validChecks whether the object referenced still exists


public bool Weakref::valid ( void )

Checks whether the object referenced still exists.

Elenco dei parametri

Questa funzione non contiene parametri.

Valori restituiti

Returns TRUE if the object still exists and is thus still accessible via Weakref::get(), FALSE otherwise.

Vedere anche:

  • Weakref::get() - Returns the object pointed to by the weak reference

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d dot negrier at nospam dot thecodingmachine dot com
1 month ago
Beware that the "valid()" method should not be used to check the availability of an object before calling "get()". Indeed, the garbage collector might be triggered between the call to "valid()" and the call to "get()".


if ($weakRef->valid()) { // Returns true because the object is not yet garbage collected
    // If you are not lucky, the garbage collector might be triggered here
$obj = $weakRef->get(); // Returns null
$obj->doSomeStuff(); // Boom!

So instead, you should always call "get()" directly:

= $weakRef->get();
if (
$obj !== null) {
$obj->doSomeStuff(); // This is 100% accurate

Generally speaking, the "valid()" method is tricky because a call to it might return true and the next call might return false (you never know when the garbage collector will be trigerred). However, testing for invalidity works reliably.

if ($weakRef->valid()) {
// At this point, you are not sure that the object is still there (garbage collector might have collected it)

if (!
$weakRef->valid()) {
// At this point, you are sure the object is gone.
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