PHP 5.4.37 Released


(PHP 4)

xptr_eval Evaluate the XPtr Location Path in the given string


int XPathContext::xptr_eval ( string $eval_str [, domnode $contextnode ] )
int xptr_eval ( XPathContext $xpath_context , string $eval_str [, domnode $contextnode ] )


이 함수는 현재 문서화 되어있지 않습니다; 인수 목록만을 제공합니다.

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Jorrit Kronjee
11 years ago
Actually xptr_eval works exactly the same as xpath_eval and doesn't return an integer as suggested. I haven't tried anything with it and PHP (4.3.0 for me now) doesn't seem to be any help either. Even simple examples (from don't work, just because half of XPointer is not implemented. XPointer expressions like /1/1 do work.

Let's face it, this is all experimental, folks!
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