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(PHP 5)

mysqli_get_client_version -- mysqli::$client_versionReturns the MySQL client version as a string


Styl obiektowy

Styl proceduralny

int mysqli_get_client_version ( mysqli $link )

Returns client version number as an integer.

Zwracane wartości

A number that represents the MySQL client library version in format: main_version*10000 + minor_version *100 + sub_version. For example, 4.1.0 is returned as 40100.

This is useful to quickly determine the version of the client library to know if some capability exits.


Przykład #1 mysqli_get_client_version


/* We don't need a connection to determine
   the version of mysql client library */

printf("Client library version: %d\n"mysqli_get_client_version());

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