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(PHP >= 5.4.0)

ReflectionClass::getTraitNamesReturns an array of names of traits used by this class


public array ReflectionClass::getTraitNames ( void )


Ta funkcja jest obecnie nieudokumentowana, dostępna jest jedynie lista jej argumentów.


Ta funkcja nie posiada parametrów.

Zwracane wartości

Returns an array with trait names in values. Returns NULL in case of an error.

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emulienfou at gmail dot com
3 years ago
This remote return only the trait names from the current class.

If your class extends another class using your trait, you can't get the names. However, you can do something like :

= [];
$recursiveClasses = function ($class) use(&$recursiveClasses, &$traitsNames) {
    if (
$class->getParentClass() != false) {
    else {
$traitsNames = array_merge($traitsNames, $class->getTraitNames());
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