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Funções do Lotus Notes


  • notes_body — Abre a mensagem msg_number na caixa de e-mail especificado no servidor especificado (leave serv)
  • notes_copy_db — Copia um banco de dados Lotus Notes
  • notes_create_db — Cria um banco de dados Lotus Notes
  • notes_create_note — Cria uma mensagem usando o formulário form_name
  • notes_drop_db — Deleta um banco de dados Lotus Notes
  • notes_find_note — Retorna um id note encontrado no banco de dados database_name
  • notes_header_info — Abre uma mensagem msg_number na caixa de e-mail especificada no servidor especificado (leave serv)
  • notes_list_msgs — Retorna as mensagens do banco de dados selecionado (database_name)
  • notes_mark_read — Marca um note_id como lido para o usuário user_name
  • notes_mark_unread — Marca um note_id como não-lido para o usuário user_name
  • notes_nav_create — Cria um nome de navegação, no banco de dados database_name
  • notes_search — Procura mensagens que contenham palavras que combinem no banco de dados database_name
  • notes_unread — Retorna os id's de mensagens não lidas para o usuário atual user_name
  • notes_version — Retorna a versão do Lotus Notes
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Timothy Massey -
8 years ago
Given the fact that this extension uses Notes' C API interface, you're stuck with Windows.  If you're going to go that route, you can use Notes' COM interface just as easily.  You won't have to use this extension, and you'll get a much richer functionality.

However, if you would rather stay cross-platform, a fully supported technique is to use XML.  You access Domino via file_get_contents or fopen (or similar method), and Domino returns XML, which you then parse within PHP.  It is cross-platform, requires no extensions, and is the recommended solution.

Introduction to these techniques (including using the above extension) is covered here.  Restore this back into a single line (broken because of wordwrap):
carsten dot motzek at atotech dot com
8 years ago
This is an unmaintained Windows-only extension.
You will need Visual C++ 6.0 to build it; use the CVS Web link below to obtain the source.
c97 at c97 dot pl
8 years ago
If you need quickly grab some data from Lotus Notes database then create in notes View with data you want to export and open this view via url:
this will give you a nicely formated XML :)
Hope this helps!
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