PHP 5.5.17 is available


(PHP 4 >= 4.0.5)

SWFText::setSpacingSets the current font spacing


void SWFText::setSpacing ( float $spacing )

Esta função é EXPERIMENTAL. O comportamento desta função, seu nome, incluindo toda documentação pode ser modificado sem aviso em futuras versões do PHP. Esta função deve ser usada por sua própria conta e risco.

swftext::setspacing() sets the current font spacing to spacing. Default is 1.0. 0 is all of the letters written at the same point. This doesn't really work that well because it inflates the advance across the letter, doesn't add the same amount of spacing between the letters. I should try and explain that better, prolly. Or just fix the damn thing to do constant spacing. This was really just a way to figure out how letter advances work, anyway.. So nyah.

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