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Configurações em Execução

O comportamento dessas funções podem ser modificado pelas configurações do php.ini.

tokyo_tyrant Opções de Configuração
Nome Padrão Modificável Changelog
tokyo_tyrant.default_timeout 2.0 PHP_INI_ALL
tokyo_tyrant.session_salt NULL PHP_INI_ALL
tokyo_tyrant.key_prefix NULL PHP_INI_ALL
tokyo_tyrant.allow_failover 1 PHP_INI_ALL
tokyo_tyrant.fail_threshold 5 PHP_INI_ALL
tokyo_tyrant.health_check_divisor 1000 PHP_INI_ALL
tokyo_tyrant.php_expiration 0 PHP_INI_ALL

Uma rápida explicação das diretivas de configuração.

tokyo_tyrant.default_timeout integer

Default timeout when connecting to databases

tokyo_tyrant.session_salt string

The secret that is used to salt session id

tokyo_tyrant.key_prefix string

Prefix all keys with this string. The prefix is transparent to the developer but helps making sure that keys won't collide if multiple applications are using the same database.

tokyo_tyrant.allow_failover integer

Whether to allow session failover in case a server dies.

tokyo_tyrant.fail_threshold integer

How many read/write or connection failures is allowed before server is marked as failed.

tokyo_tyrant.health_check_divisor integer

Defines the divisor for the health check probability. If there are failed servers and the probability matches, the servers are health checked and in case the server seems healthy, it will be added back to the pool.

tokyo_tyrant.php_expiration integer

Whether to use built in session expiration mechanism or delegate the expiration to a lua-script on the server-side.

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