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admin at deosnet dot com
1 year ago

WARNING : When using Stackable objects in callable functions by your Threads, you must be very careful if you use it as an array. Indeed, if you do not copy your Stackable "array" in a local variable, the execution time can drop drastically !

Also, if you want to modify an array() in a function, you will also store in a local variable in order that your array is in a thread-safe context.
jasonrlester at yahoo dot com
1 year ago
Note that this extension *is* a high level implementation of POSIX threads, including on Windows (which is why pthreadsV*.dll is required)
1 year ago
This seriously should be renamed. People will interpret this as the widely known POSIX threads, which it's not. Just a heads up for anyone wanting to use "pthreads".
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