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d at duane dot com
6 years ago
On Fedora 16, you can use
yum -y install php-xml
and then be sure to add
in the php.ini file for this to work.
eugenekay at kashpureff dot org
8 years ago
Certain Linux distributions do not have this extension included in the minimum PHP package. It can usually be found in one of the "optional" php-* packages.

For CentOS, you will need to run "yum install php-xml", which provides this extension.
Sergey A.
8 years ago
don't forget
in extensions.ini
on freebsd
z1mok at yahoo dot com
9 years ago
You need the DOM MODULE installed if you want to use Youtube Data Api with the Zend GData Library.

Otherwise you cannot obtain a valid Upload Form Token.
7 years ago
In Redhat 5.5 using php53 you need to not only install php53-xml but php53-devel as well to install DOMDocument
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