Last 5.3 release ever available: PHP 5.3.29 - 5.3 now EOL


(PECL inotify >= 0.1.2)

inotify_add_watchAdd a watch to an initialized inotify instance


int inotify_add_watch ( resource $inotify_instance , string $pathname , int $mask )

inotify_add_watch() adds a new watch or modify an existing watch for the file or directory specified in pathname.

Using inotify_add_watch() on a watched object replaces the existing watch. Using the IN_MASK_ADD constant adds (OR) events to the existing watch.



Resursa întoarsă de inotify_init()


File or directory to watch


Events to watch for. See Constante predefinite.

Valorile întoarse

The return value is a unique (inotify instance wide) watch descriptor.

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