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(PHP 7)

IntlChar::foldCasePerform case folding on a code point


public static IntlChar::foldCase ( mixed $codepoint [, int $options = IntlChar::FOLD_CASE_DEFAULT ] ) : mixed

The given character is mapped to its case folding equivalent; if the character has no case folding equivalent, the character itself is returned.



Valoarea codepoint de tip integer (de ex. 0x2603 pentru U+2603 SNOWMAN) sau caracterul codificat ca string în UTF-8 (de ex. "\u{2603}")


Either IntlChar::FOLD_CASE_DEFAULT (default) or IntlChar::FOLD_CASE_EXCLUDE_SPECIAL_I.

Valorile întoarse

Returns the Simple_Case_Folding of the code point, if any; otherwise the code point itself.

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