The process of installing OPcache varies depending on which version of PHP you're running. Please refer to the appropriate section below.


If you want to use OPcache with » Xdebug, you must load OPcache before Xdebug.

PHP 5.5.0 and later

OPcache can only be compiled as a shared extension. If you have disabled the building of default extensions with --disable-all , you must compile PHP with the --enable-opcache option for OPcache to be available.

Once compiled, you can use the zend_extension configuration directive to load the OPcache extension into PHP. This can be done with zend_extension=/full/path/to/ on non-Windows platforms, and zend_extension=C:\path\to\php_opcache.dll on Windows.

PHP 5.2, 5.3 and 5.4

Această extensie » PECL nu este încorporată în PHP.

Informație despre instalarea acestei extensii PECL poate fi găsită în capitolul manualului, întitulat Instalarea extensiilor PECL. Informații adiționale, cum ar fi lansări noi, descărcări, fișiere-sursă, informații despre persoana care întreține extensia și istoria schimbărilor poate fi localizată aici: »

O bibliotecă DLL pentru această extensie PECL nu este disponibilă în prezent. Accesați de asemenea și secțiunea compilarea în Windows.

Recommended php.ini settings

The following settings are generally recommended as providing good performance:


You may also want to consider disabling opcache.save_comments and enabling opcache.enable_file_override, however note that you will have to test your code before using these in production as they are known to break some frameworks and applications, particularly in cases where documentation comment annotations are used.

A full list of configuration directives supported by OPcache is also available.

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1 year ago
While the "suggested" opcache settings for php.ini might be appropriate for a production server, you're going to want to change several while you're developing, or you're not going to see any changes to your code. Get familiar with what they mean before blindly pasting that into php.ini and assuming things are going to work well.
1 year ago
For me works (on windows) only filename without path (default extensions dir path is used)
Alex Stanciu
3 months ago
In case anyone has segfaults when using Xdebug with OpCache (even after updates, Xdebug after OpCache or other desperate strategies).
1. Disable OpCache from beeing loaded
2. Install/Enable APCu
Should be ok for a development box. On the production box you should use OpCache without Xdebug (as Xdebug slows down PHP ~3x - on our apps at least).
matthias at himalayasystems dot be
10 months ago
I had a problem with installing on php 5.4 through pecl

I used
pecl install ZendOpache-beta
To force the install of the beta version

When restarting, php could not find
Use the absolute path when assigning zend_extension.
So change
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