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(PHP >= 5.4.0)

ReflectionFunction::getClosureReturns a dynamically created closure for the function


public Closure ReflectionFunction::getClosure ( void )


Această funcție nu este documentată în prezent; este disponibilă numai lista sa de argumente.


Această funcție nu are parametri.

Valorile întoarse

Returns Closure. Returns NULL in case of an error.

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php dot net-bug at spamhereplease dot com
3 years ago
If you have a callback that is going to be invoked often, you can use this method (and the related method for ReflectProperty) to get a closure that will execute at near native speed.

Some benchmark comparisons with php 5.4.22 on ubuntu:

[function call]      [time]     [%slower]
function():          0.09527      0%
Reflection::Closure: 0.09729      2%
$string():           0.102641     8%
Reflection:          0.197122   107%
call_user_func:      0.214045   125%

[method call]        [time]  [% slower] [%vs func]
->method():          0.103611    0%       9%
Reflection::Closure: 0.1043      1%       9%
$string():           0.109885    6%      15%
Reflection:          0.20451    97%     115%
call_user_func:      0.219205  112%     130%
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