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(PHP 5 >= 5.1.0, PHP 7)

XMLReader::getAttributeGet the value of a named attribute


public string XMLReader::getAttribute ( string $name )

Returns the value of a named attribute or NULL if the attribute does not exist or not positioned on an element node.



The name of the attribute.

Valorile întoarse

The value of the attribute, or NULL if no attribute with the given name is found or not positioned on an element node.

Istoricul schimbărilor

Versiune Descriere
5.1.3 Return NULL if no attribute found. Previously, returned an empty string.

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7 years ago
Or use XMLReader::ELEMENT and XMLReader::END_ELEMENT rather than the numbers 1 and 15.
11 years ago
might be obvious, but not to everyone ;-) ... when reading attributes from a node that has sub-nodes (and creating an output from this node), the output will be issued twice, once on the <ELEMENT> tag and once on the end tag </ELEMENT>. To avoid this, you can test on which part of the node you are using the property nodeType.
It'll be 1 for the element, 15 for the end element.
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