PHP 5.6.22 is available


(PHP 4, PECL pdflib >= 1.0.0)

PDF_rectDraw rectangle


bool PDF_rect ( resource $p , float $x , float $y , float $width , float $height )

Draws a rectangle. Başarı durumunda TRUE, başarısızlık durumunda FALSE döner.

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stuart at horuskol dot co dot uk
9 years ago
This section of the manual is really sparse, and there don't seem to be any tutorials out there that go beyond adding a single line of text, so I found this piece of information out by trial and error.

The function only specifies that you want a rectangle at those co-ordinates, and must be followed by a stroke command:

  pdf_rect($pdf, 100, 100, 50, 50);

This completes the process of placing the rectangle on the page.
tobias at midas dot se
14 years ago
Round rectangles

My function to create rectangles width round corners:

function pdf_roundrect($pdfobj, $xpos, $ypos, $xsize, $ysize, $radius)
$ypos = $ypos+$ysize;
pdf_moveto($pdfobj, $xpos, $ypos-$radius);
pdf_lineto($pdfobj, $xpos, $ypos-$ysize+$radius);
pdf_arc($pdfobj, $xpos+$radius, $ypos-$ysize+$radius, $radius, 180, 270);
pdf_lineto($pdfobj, $xpos+$xsize-$radius, $ypos-$ysize);
pdf_arc($pdfobj, $xpos+$xsize-$radius, $ypos-$ysize+$radius, $radius, 270, 360);
pdf_lineto($pdfobj, $xpos+$xsize, $ypos-$radius);
pdf_arc($pdfobj, $xpos+$xsize-$radius, $ypos-$radius, $radius,0,90);
pdf_lineto($pdfobj, $xpos+$radius, $ypos);
pdf_arc($pdfobj, $xpos+$radius, $ypos-$radius, $radius,90,180);
6 years ago
In php5 a rectangle with some text in is made like this.


$font = $p->load_font("Helvetica", "winansi", "");
$p->setfont($font, 14.0);
$p->set_text_pos(200, 525);
$p->show("Some text");

ragnar at deulos dot com
10 years ago
Be sure of adding a pdf_stroke(resource_pdf) after the pdf_rect function or will take an error in the PDFlib.
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