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(PHP 5 < 5.4.0, PECL sqlite >= 1.0.1)

sqlite_single_query -- SQLiteDatabase->singleQueryBir sorgu çalıştırıp sonucu tek bir sütunluk veya tek bir satırlık bir dizi olarak döndürür


array sqlite_single_query ( resource $db , string $sorgu [, bool $sadece_ilk_satır [, bool $ikil_çöz ]] )

Nesne yönelimli kullanım

array singleQuery ( string $sorgu [, bool $sadece_ilk_satır [, bool $ikil_çöz ]] )

Bu işlev hala belgelendirilmemiştir; sadece değiştirge listesi mevcuttur.

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oohall AT gmail DOT comMERCIAL
10 years ago
The previous note by franp at free dot fr appears to be incorrect, some cursory testing showed that DELETE FROM and INSERT INTO queries worked fine so other queries which do not return data should also work. However, if you're looking for a drop in replacement for sqlite_query(), try sqlite_unbuffered_query() as it appears to only execute the first query if more than one is given.
franp at free dot fr
13 years ago
AFAIK, you cannot use sqlite-single-query for all kind of SQL queries.
If you are lazy and thought you could safely copy-paste your :
<?php $result = $db->sqlite-single-query($sSQL); ?>
straight from one query to the other, whatever is the query as long as it has only one line, you are wrong.

Apparently, sqlite-single-query is limited to queries that return data, that is to SELECT queries.

= "DELETE FROM atoms WHERE ID = '8';";

// The following won't work :
$result = $db->singleQuery($sSQL);

// But the following will :
$result = $db->query($sSQL);
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