Windows 下安装扩展库

在 Windows 下安装完 PHP 和 web 服务器之后,可能想要安装一些扩展库来获得更多功能。可以通过修改 php.ini 来选择当 PHP 启动时加载哪些扩展库。也可以在脚本中通过使用 dl()来动态加载。

PHP 扩展库的 DLL 文件都具有 php_ 前缀。

很多扩展库都内置于 Windows 版的 PHP 之中。这意味着要加载这些扩展库,额外的 DLL 文件和 extension 配置指令都不需要。Windows 下的 PHP 扩展库列表列出了需要或曾经需要额外 PHP DLL 文件的扩展库。下面是内置的扩展库列表:

PHP 4 中(截止到 PHP 4.3.11):BCMathCaledarCOMCtypeFTPMySQLODBC,Overload,PCRESessionTokenizerWDDXXMLZlib

PHP 5 中(截止到 5.0.4)有以下修改。新增内置:DOMLibXMLIconvSimpleXMLSPLSQLite。以下不再内置:MySQL 和 Overload。

PHP 搜索扩展库的默认位置在 PHP 4 中是 C:\php4\extensions,在 PHP 5 中是 C:\php5。要修改此项以符合用户自己的 PHP 设置,需要编辑 php.ini 文件:

  • 需要修改 extension_dir 设置以指向用户放置扩展库的目录或者说放置 php_*.dll 文件的位置。例如:

    extension_dir = C:\php\extensions

  • 要在 php.ini 中启用某扩展库,需要去掉该行 extension=php_*.dll 前的注释符号,将想要加载的扩展库前的分号(;)删除即可。

    Example #1 启用 Bzip2扩展库

    // 将这一行
    // 改成这样

  • 有些扩展库需要额外的 DLL 才能工作。其中一部分包括在发行包里,PHP 4 中在 C:\php\dlls\ 目录下,PHP 5 中在主目录下,但还有一些,例如 Oracle(php_oci8.dll)所需要的 DLL 没有绑定在发行包里。如果安装 PHP 4,将绑定的 DLL 从 C:\php\dlls 拷贝到主目录 C:\php 中。别忘了将 C:\php 放到系统路径 PATH 中去(此过程在另外的 FAQ 条目中有说明)。

  • 某些 DLL 没有绑定在 PHP 发行包中,详情见每个扩展库的文档页。此外有关 PECL 的说明见手册页 PECL 扩展库安装。在 PECL 中有日益增加数目巨大的 PHP 扩展库,这些扩展库需要单独下载

Note: 如果运行服务器模块版的 PHP,在修改了 php.ini 之后别忘了重新启动 web 服务器以使其改动生效。

下表说明了哪些扩展库需要额外的 DLL。

PHP 扩展库
扩展库 说明 注解
php_bz2.dll bzip2 压缩函数
php_calendar.dll Calendar 日历转换函数 自 PHP 4.0.3 起内置
php_crack.dll Crack 密码破解函数
php_ctype.dll ctype 家族函数 自 PHP 4.3.0 起内置
php_curl.dll CURL,客户端 URL 库函数 需要:libeay32.dllssleay32.dll(已附带)
php_dba.dll DBA:数据库(dbm 风格)抽象层函数
php_dbase.dll dBase 函数
php_dbx.dll dbx 函数
php_domxml.dll PHP 4 DOM XML 函数 PHP <= 4.2.0 需要:libxml2.dll(已附带),PHP >= 4.3.0 需要:iconv.dll(已附带)
php_dotnet.dll .NET 函数 PHP <= 4.1.1
php_exif.dll EXIF 函数 需要 php_mbstring.dll。并且在 php.ini 中,php_exif.dll 必须在 php_mbstring.dll 之后加载
php_fbsql.dll FrontBase 函数 PHP <= 4.2.0
php_fdf.dll FDF:表单数据格式化函数 需要:fdftk.dll(已附带)
php_filepro.dll filePro 函数 只读访问
php_ftp.dll FTP 函数 自 PHP 4.0.3 起内置
php_gd.dll GD 库图像函数 在 PHP 4.3.2 中移除。此外注意在 GD1 中不能用真彩色函数,用 php_gd2.dll替代。
php_gd2.dll GD 库图像函数 GD2
php_gettext.dll Gettext 函数 PHP <= 4.2.0 需要 gnu_gettext.dll(已附带),PHP >= 4.2.3 需要 libintl-1.dlliconv.dll(已附带)
php_hyperwave.dll HyperWave 函数
php_iconv.dll ICONV 字符集转换 需要:iconv-1.3.dll(已附带),PHP >=4.2.1 需要 iconv.dll
php_ifx.dll Informix 函数 需要:Informix 库
php_iisfunc.dll IIS 管理函数库
php_imap.dll IMAP,POP3 和 NNTP 函数
php_ingres.dll Ingres II 函数 需要:Ingres II 库
php_interbase.dll InterBase 函数 需要:gds32.dll(已附带)
php_java.dll Java 函数 PHP <= 4.0.6 需要:jvm.dll(已附带)
php_ldap.dll LDAP 函数 PHP <= 4.2.0 需要 libsasl.dll(已附带),PHP >= 4.3.0 需要 libeay32.dllssleay32.dll(已附带)
php_mbstring.dll Multi-Byte String 多字节字符串函数
php_mcrypt.dll Mcrypt 加密函数 需要:libmcrypt.dll
php_mhash.dll Mhash 函数 PHP >= 4.3.0 需要:libmhash.dll(已附带)
php_mime_magic.dll Mimetype 函数 需要:magic.mime(已附带)
php_ming.dll Ming 函数(Flash)
php_msql.dll mSQL 函数 需要:msql.dll(已附带)
php_mssql.dll MSSQL 函数 需要:ntwdblib.dll(已附带)
php_mysql.dll MySQL 函数 PHP >= 5.0.0 需要 libmysql.dll(已附带)
php_mysqli.dll MySQLi 函数 PHP >= 5.0.0 需要 libmysql.dll(PHP <= 5.0.2 中是 libmysqli.dll)(已附带)
php_oci8.dll Oracle 8 函数 需要:Oracle 8.1+ 客户端库
php_openssl.dll OpenSSL 函数 需要:libeay32.dll(已附带)
php_overload.dll PHP 4 对象过载函数 自 PHP 4.3.0 起内置,自 PHP 5.0.0 起移除
php_pdf.dll PDF 函数
php_pgsql.dll PostgreSQL 函数
php_shmop.dll Shared Memory 共享内存函数
php_snmp.dll SNMP 函数 仅用于 Windows NT!
php_soap.dll SOAP 函数 PHP >= 5.0.0
php_sockets.dll Socket 函数
php_sybase_ct.dll Sybase 函数 需要:Sybase 客户端库
php_tidy.dll Tidy 函数 PHP >= 5.0.0
php_tokenizer.dll Tokenizer 函数 自 PHP 4.3.0 起内置
php_w32api.dll W32api 函数
php_xmlrpc.dll XML-RPC 函数 PHP >= 4.2.1 需要 iconv.dll(已附带)
php_xslt.dll XSLT 函数 PHP <= 4.2.0 需要 sablot.dllexpat.dll(已附带)。PHP >= 4.2.1 需要 sablot.dllexpat.dlliconv.dll(已附带)。
php_yaz.dll YAZ 函数 需要:yaz.dll(已附带)
php_zip.dll Zip 文件函数 只读访问
php_zlib.dll ZLib 压缩函数 自 PHP 4.3.0 起内置

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User Contributed Notes 14 notes

jwagner at digilog dot de
10 months ago
On Windows hosts libeay32.dll and ssleay32.dll have to be path-accessible for php_curl.dll to work correctly. Copying them into System32 (or even into the Windows main directory) is a bad hack (and does not even work with newer PHP versions). The right way to do it, is to add the PHP path to the Windows *Path* variable. In *Control Panel* --> *System* click on *Advanced System Settings* and use the button *Environment Variables*. Under *System Variables* you will find the *Path* variable. Edit it and append `;C:/PHP` to it - or whatever the path to your PHP root folder is.
1 year ago
If you have problems, that windows-extensions can not be loaded (PHP Warning: PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library) and you are sure, the .ddl is in the right place, use ProcessMonitor (

here you can see at startup, which files php tries to find and in which locations php tries to find them!
6 years ago
I just recently tried to upgrade my php install on WinXP using the php-5.2.6-win32-installer.msi and with fingers crossed, tried to see if things still worked or not.

Unfortunately, they didn't.  I did see many posts here and elsewhere on the web regarding the error message:

"Unable to load dynamic link library 'ext\php_xxxxx.dll' - The specified module could not be found." says in the past when upgrading to simply copy over new php files, but now recommends using the windows installer.  Maybe the installer isn't quite up to the task yet.

My fix:

1. Completely uninstall current version of php (using Windows Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs).

2. Download the current php binaries for Windows (at under Windows Binaries).  Should be format: PHP 5.x.x zip package.  Again, download the binaries, NOT the installer.

3. Follow these easy steps

4. Set your PATH for Windows to find php (if you haven't already):
a. Right-click on My Computer
b. Properties
c. Advanced Tab > Environment Variables
d. Under System variables, scroll down to find "Path", select and click on Edit
e. Add path to your php install on the end (make sure to precede with semi-colon ";").  Mine was ";G:\Apache\php"
f. Click Okay.  (then "Okay" on each of the other open windows).

5. Test php install. (see ricocheting link above for testing).

6. Getting the extensions to work again:
a. Open php.ini
b. uncomment each extension, restart Apache.

7. Special note on libmysql.dll and problems getting MySQL to work:
- You may have copied over this file into your Windows/System32 (or WINNT/System32 for me) to get mysql to work in the past.  If so, replace it with the most recent version you get with the upgrade (in top dir).
- If this is a fresh install, copy the libmysql.dll into your System32 folder.

Couple notes:
1. The above tutorial link is to install php 5.x on Apache 2.2 for Win.  If you're running Apache 2.0 like me, pay special attention to "Editing Apache Conf File" for correct LoadModule info.
2. If you ran the installer previously, double check your Apache conf where the php5 LoadModule stuff is.  The installer might have messed with this a bit.

I hope this stuff helps.
5 years ago
I had problem with extensions - they don't loaded (without errors) on Windows installation and don't displayed in phpinfo().

Solve: full-specified directory name for extension_dir directive - "c:/php/ext/" instead "./"
smaines at alaya dot com
7 years ago
== Problem

Consider the following from an httpd.conf file...

  LoadModule php5_module "E:/xyz/php/php5apache2_2.dll"
  PHPIniDir "E:/xyz/php"

...which led to the dreaded...

  PHP Warning:  PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library 'E:\\xyz\\php\\ext\\php_mysql.dll' - The specified module could not be found.

Note, however, that PHP.exe apparently was found and executed php pages in Apache, but the MySQL functions therein failed.

== Solution

Because PHP dir was not in $PATH, php5apache2_2.dll failed to find php_mysql.dll (the only extension I enabled) during Apache 2.2 start.

== Caveat (!)

The BIG issue is that, setting $PATH in...

  <desk icon>My Computer
  <rt click>Properties
  <button>Environment Variables

...didn't export the $PATH change such that restarting the Apache service (in MMC) would pick it up.  So I tested the working solution (adding PHP dir to $PATH), but it failed because of HOW I set it. It succeeded only when I REBOOTED after changing the $PATH.  There may be an easier way that this, but I do not know it at present.

== Comment

Consider whether PHP dir should need to be in $PATH at all, when PHP.exe apparently was found and executes php pages in Apache, but php5apache2_2.dll failed to find whatever was needed to load the extensions.  This should perhaps be addressed.

Note that on a WAMP installation (W2K,Apache,MySQL,PHP), only PHP is required in $PATH.
7 years ago
Installing PHP extensions for IIS for the first time is sort of a baptism by fire -- you will get your hands dirty, and other suitable metaphors of nastiness.  Hopefully, you won't have to spend too many days googling around fora and restarting IIS 10 million times as I did until I finally realized both what was going on and what crazy things I'd done wrong.

THIS (peter)guy really goes into terrific detail and troubleshooting, (with very good reasons and explanations of extension dependencies not listed on the current php page you're now reading):

Most of this is applicable for IIS5.1 as well, as far as I've found.

The main problem I'd been butting my head up against was extensions being reported as not found, even though the .DLLs were definitely in C:\PHP\ext, and my PATH env var was setup correctly. 

The error messaging during dynamic loading of implicitly-linked libraries should be more specific, telling you that in fact it is a particular dependency of a dependency which is missing -- usually some obscure third-party .dll -- and name it!

Eventually I stopped being so greedy and just cut down on the extensions I thought I needed by commenting them out in php.ini.  That eliminated the startup errors.  Apparently some of these extensions or their requirements, which either come with the base PHP install zip or the PECL extensions, are either too obscure or too fragile to be necessary anyway.

Good luck, and I hope anyone who runs into the same trouble can hit upon this or Peter Guy's page directly before they go too crazy.
simi_def at c2 dot hu
9 years ago
I had problems with PHP5/Apache2.2/MySQL 5 installation on a WinXp machine.

I got the

Fatal error: call to undefined function - mysql_connect().


Solution :
1, use correct version of ext\php_mysql.dll and libmysql.dll
2, !!! edit the CORRECT php.ini (%windir%\php.ini) like c:\windows\php.ini !!!
3, add php installation dir to PATH
4, edit php.ini to load extension php_mysql.dll

to check.
ole berge at web de
9 months ago


Windows Server 2012 R 64 bit
vatozana at yahoo dot com
4 years ago
I had problems registering Curl extentions and it was cause by the old dll of libeay32.dll and  ssleay32.dll  which were already in my c:\windows\system32 I replaced them and all is now fine!!
6 years ago
I had a problem with the gd and mysqli mods on my PHP5.2/Apache2.2/Windows 2003 server. Even after enabling the options in the php.ini file and restarting the Apache service, the mods still would not load. I even tried to restart the Windows 2003 server that php is loaded on - and no go. After reviewing the system path variables in Windows, I noticed that the c:\php directory was set in the path variable, but not the folder for the gd, mysqli and others mods. So I added c:\php\ext to the path variable and rebooted the server. THAT FIXED IT!!
Manda Krishna Srikanth
7 years ago
As far as my experience says, 95% of ext\php_mysql.dll - The specified module could not be found - error can be sorted out on Win 2003, IIS 6, PHP5.2.

Replace the php_mysql.dll and libmysql.dll downloaded from into extensions directory.

For MSSQL connectivity problems, replace the ntwdblib.dll in php dir with the one copied from system32 directory. Ofcourse the filesize will be less, no problem, replace it.
jma59 at cam dot ac dot uk
7 years ago
Under windows, given an error similar to

PHP Warning:  PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library 'c:\\php\\ext\\php_mysql.dll' - The specified module could not be found.\r\n in Unknown on line 0

When PHP definitely should be able to find the module, it's fairly common knowledge that this error can also be caused by  certain dlls not being in the PATH. These dlls (usually libeay32 and ssleay32) are generally found in your base php directory, and the modern windows installers add the base php directory to the PATH so that you don't need to worry about it. However, if when installing earlier versions you decided on moving libeay32, ssleay32 et al to C:\Windows\System32 instead of changing the PATH, then php will still end up with the old versions and the out of date versions will cause the same error as above. Don't fall into the trap like I did.
guy dot paddock at redbottledesign dot com
4 months ago
Note that if you're trying to install PECL HTTP on Windows, you will need to install:

- php_http
- php_ssh2
- php_propro
- php_raphf

Make sure that all plug-ins were compiled for your version of PHP (version number, whether or not it's thread-safe, etc). Otherwise, they will fail to load.

The version of PHP that comes with Acquia Dev Desktop is the thread-safe version, so all plug-ins must be thread safe (TS). I had to use an older release of php_http (2.3.2) to get the TS version.

For the other extensions, I had to make sure some of them loaded BEFORE php_http in the php.ini file:

rafaurl at gmail dot com
4 years ago
I got the following error:

PHP Warning:  PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library 'C:\PHP\ext\php_curl.dll'

By using sysinternals procmon I saw that it failed after trying to load "zlib.dll". I found this file deployed with other software (in my case, Miranda IM) and copied it to the PHP installation directory. It worked fine after that. Hope that helps.
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