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» PECL 扩展未与 PHP 捆绑。

安装此 PECL 扩展相关的信息可在手册中标题为 PECL 扩展的安装章节中找到。更多信息如新的发行版本、下载、源文件、 维护人员信息及变更日志等,都在此处: » http://pecl.php.net/package/runkit.

Windows binaries (DLL files) for this PECL extension are available from the PECL website.

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Ferrie Herrie
4 years ago
If you're missing installation instructions in the readme and normal installations don't work, this is what worked for me on Centos 5.9 with php 5.3.3

cd /tmp
git clone https://github.com/zenovich/runkit.git
cd runkit
pecl install package.xml

// Add to php.ini:

// Restart your webserver
service httpd restart
Dmitry Zenovich
5 years ago
The project is now hosted on http://github.com/zenovich/runkit

To install a release version, simply type

sudo pecl install https://github.com/downloads/zenovich/runkit/runkit-1.0.3.tgz

(to install version 1.0.3).
See the http://github.com/zenovich/runkit/downloads for the full list of release files.

To get most fresh and hot features you may also build the extension from master-branch source code. Clone it with
git clone git://github.com/zenovich/runkit.git
and follow the instructions in the README file.
dzenovich at php dot net
2 years ago
To install the latest release via PECL you should access Runkit's PEAR channel:

pear channel-discover zenovich.github.io/pear

Then to install Runkit just type:

pecl install zenovich/runkit
7 years ago
If the normal PECL installation doesn't work for you, you may want to install from SVN instead:

svn checkout http://svn.php.net/repository/pecl/runkit/trunk/
cd trunk
pecl install package.xml

After pecl has finished installing runkit, add the following line to your php.ini file(s):


Then restart your webserver, and runkit should now be installed and working with your PHP installation.
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