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Beispiel #1 Enchant Usage Example

$r enchant_broker_init();
$bprovides enchant_broker_describe($r);
"Current broker provides the following backend(s):\n";

$dicts enchant_broker_list_dicts($r);
if (
enchant_broker_dict_exists($r,$tag)) {
$d enchant_broker_request_dict($r$tag);
$dprovides enchant_dict_describe($d);
"dictionary $tag provides:\n";
$wordcorrect enchant_dict_check($d"soong");
    if (!
$wordcorrect) {
$suggs enchant_dict_suggest($d"soong");
"Suggestions for 'soong':";
} else {
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User Contributed Notes 3 notes

robert dot johnson at icap dot com
1 year ago
Here is help for Windows users:

You need to add dictionaries to your computer for Enchant.

1. Enchant looks in your registry keys, I don't know what keys it wants, but it looks here - I ignored all of these:
  * Default User\Software\Enchant\Config
  * Default User\Software\Enchant\Ispell
  * Default User\Software\Enchant\Myspell
2. It looks for OpenOffice dictionaries (from the registry settings for OpenOffice)
3. It looks in folder [PHP]\share\myspell\dicts

I got it working by copying the en-us dictionary files from Firefox into \share\myspell\dicts, and renaming them en_US.*.  You can download and install dictionaries from OpenOffice from here I think:

Enchant creates and writes to the following folder, so you must allow PHP read and write permissions to: [SYSTEM32]\config\systemprofile\Application Data\enchant

It would be convenient if Enchant could accept parameters to specify the location of the main dictionaries and user-dictionaries, I suppose the registry keys are the only way to do it.
11 months ago
One thing to add to robert.johnson's very helpful post, I found that the dictionary files (*.dic and *.aff) could only contain A-Z and _ characters or they wouldn't be listed in the output of enchant_broker_list_dicts() (at least for PHP 5.4 / Windows).

This was an issue when downloading some of the dictionary files from where the file names contained hyphens, pt-BR for example. Just replace the hyphen with an underscore in the file name and enchant recognises the language code.
robert dot johnson at icap dot com
11 months ago
To repeat a note by  wschalle at gmail dot com on page

The enchant library does not work unless libenchant_myspell.dll and libenchant_ispell.dll are placed in [PHP]\lib\enchant from PHP 5.4.13.

Dictionaries will still load from [PHP]\share\myspell\dicts.
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