Um diese Erweitertung zu benutzen muss PHP mit Support für die mysqli Erweiterung compiliert werden.


Die mysqli Erweiterung funktioniert mit den MySQL Version 4.1.13 oder neuer und 5.0.7 oder neuer. Für ältere Versionen schauen Sie sich bitte die MySQL Erweiterung an.

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Paul from miniBB
1 year ago
"php_mysqli does not replace the php_mysql library.  It only extends it.  You need the php_mysql library !"

mysql_connect() is from another library.  Surely, php_mysqli works WITHOUT php_mysql enabled on the server.  Nothing from php_mysql module is related to this.

Before switching to mysqli, you need to completely eliminate all "mysql_" functions in your code. For example, mysql_connect() could be replaced to mysqli_connect() with an identifying link in front. Like:

$link = mysqli_connect("myhost","myuser","mypassw","mybd");

Then each of mysqli command just should need to be referred to $link at first.
dennylin93 at cnmc32 dot hs dot ntnu dot edu dot tw
5 years ago
The required extensions will be pulled in automatically on FreeBSD, unless you manually remove them after installation.
bashir dot adaptive at gmail dot com
1 year ago
Does all Web Hosting support MySQLi. Web host like godaddy and others.

Please help me to select MySQLi Supported web host.
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