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The MongoDB\BSON\Timestamp class

(mongodb >=1.0.0)


Represents a » BSON timestamp, The value consists of a 4-byte timestamp (i.e. seconds since the epoch) and a 4-byte increment.

Note: This is an internal MongoDB type used for replication and sharding. It is not intended for general date storage (MongoDB\BSON\UTCDateTime should be used instead).

Class synopsis

final MongoDB\BSON\Timestamp implements MongoDB\BSON\TimestampInterface , MongoDB\BSON\Type , Serializable , JsonSerializable {
/* Methods */
final public __construct ( int $increment , int $timestamp )
final public int getIncrement ( void )
final public int getTimestamp ( void )
final public mixed jsonSerialize ( void )
final public string serialize ( void )
final public string __toString ( void )
final public void unserialize ( string $serialized )


Version Description
1.2.0 Implements Serializable and JsonSerializable.

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