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The V8Js class

(PECL v8js >= 0.1.0)


This is the core class for V8Js extension. Each instance created from this class has own context in which all JavaScript is compiled and executed.

See V8Js::__construct() for more information.

Sinopsis de la Clase

V8Js {
/* Constants */
const string V8_VERSION ;
const integer FLAG_NONE = 1 ;
const integer FLAG_FORCE_ARRAY = 2 ;
/* Methods */
public __construct ([ string $object_name = "PHP" [, array $variables = array() [, array $extensions = array() [, bool $report_uncaught_exceptions = TRUE ]]]] )
public mixed executeString ( string $script [, string $identifier = "V8Js::executeString()" [, int $flags = V8Js::FLAG_NONE ]] )
public static array getExtensions ( void )
public V8JsException getPendingException ( void )
public static bool registerExtension ( string $extension_name , string $script [, array $dependencies = array() [, bool $auto_enable = FALSE ]] )

Constantes predefinidas


The V8 Javascript Engine version.


No flags.


Forces all JS objects to be associative arrays in PHP.

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User Contributed Notes 2 notes

mateusz dot charytoniuk at gmail dot com
2 years ago
This extension can be used to provide server-side and client-side form validation by executing the same JavaScript code at both places.
mateusz dot charytoniuk at gmail dot com
9 months ago
v8js can be also used to render server-side javascript components (see: React.js).
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