(PHP 5 >= 5.5.0, PHP 7, PECL ZendOpcache >= 7.0.0)

opcache_invalidateInvalidates a cached script


boolean opcache_invalidate ( string $script [, boolean $force = FALSE ] )

This function invalidates a particular script from the opcode cache. If force is unset or FALSE, the script will only be invalidated if the modification time of the script is newer than the cached opcodes.



The path to the script being invalidated.


If set to TRUE, the script will be invalidated regardless of whether invalidation is necessary.

Valores devueltos

Returns TRUE if the opcode cache for script was invalidated or if there was nothing to invalidate, or FALSE if the opcode cache is disabled.

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joel at taotesting dot com
1 year ago
Beware that only existing files can be invalidated.

Instead of removing a file from opcache that you have delete, you need to call opcache_invalidate before deleting it.
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