Etiquetas de PHP

Cuando PHP interpreta un fichero, busca las etiquetas de apertura y cierre, que son <?php y ?>, y que indican a PHP dónde empezar y finalizar la interpretación del código. Este mecanismo permite a PHP ser incrustado en todo tipo de documentos, ya que todo lo que esté fuera de las etiquetas de PHP será ignorado por el intérprete.

PHP también permite las etiquetas abreviadas <? y ?> (las cuales están desaconsejadas debido a que sólo están disponibles si se habilitan con la directiva short_open_tag del fichero de configuración php.ini, o si PHP se configuró con la opción --enable-short-tags .

Si un fichero contiene código PHP puro, es preferible omitir la etiqueta de cierre de PHP al final del fichero. Esto impide que se añadan espacios en blanco o nuevas líneas después de la etiqueta de cierre de PHP, los cuales pueden causar efectos no deseados debido a que PHP iniciará la salida del buffer cuando no había intención por parte del programador de enviar ninguna salida en ese punto del script.

echo "Hola mundo";

// ... más código

echo "Última sentencia";

// el script finaliza aquí sin etiqueta de cierre de PHP

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preda dot vlad at yahoo dot com
1 year ago
So here are the valid ways to open PHP tags:

<?php ?> // standard tags
<? ?> // short tags, need short_open_tag enabled in php.ini
<% %> // asp tags, need asp_tags enabled in php.ini
<script language="php"> </script> // case insensitive

PSR-1 coding standards suggest to only use <?php ?> or <?= ?> (echo short tags) - and no other variations, and PSR-2 suggests to not close the tags in PHP only files.
alisadikin008 at gmail dot com
1 month ago
<?php ?>
 //the most save basic  php tag
as basic programmer,I always use that tag,never use 3 others such as
<? ?>
<% %>
<script language="php"></script>

but i got onething strange,as contributed,
<?php ?> is colored
<script language="php"></script> is colored
check these two tag
<? ?> is not colored or black only
<% %> is not colored or black only
abdallah at meckki dot com
1 month ago
<?php ?> // standard tags is highly recommended.
manzoor_hussain739 at yahoo dot com
4 days ago
php is the best language for all kinds of website development. there are many cms which are developed in php like joomla.
and one of great joomla site is
(JB) JB_BlackBerry at live dot com
6 months ago
Hello to all of the proficient programmers.  Only the highest degree of respect intended.  I am not a programmer.  Many years ago I started to take a programming course that included C, Assembler, and COBOL. I had to move and did not continue my education.  Several years later I learned how to write bacic HTML pages.

I would like to learn a programming language or two.  Which languages would you recommend to begin with.  I have seen PHP used in some VBA programs.  I would like to write stand alone programs for my own use to build databases to keep track of various things, such as appointments, reminders to call or meet someone, pay bills on time--even pay the bill electronically if possible.

I would like to write the programs in the Windows, Linx, and Unix envrioments (need to learn Linx and Unix also) enviroments and make them compatable with 2000, XP, Win 7 and Win 8, and the new versions as they come out.

Can any of you suggest a good online place to begin, where I can download compilers, and detailed documentation is as simple to understand format as possible, and hopefully for free.
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