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The Directory class

(PHP 4, PHP 5)


Instances of Directory are created by calling the dir() function, not by the new operator.

Sommario dellla classe

Directory {
/* Proprietà */
public string $path ;
public resource $handle ;
/* Metodi */
public void close ([ resource $dir_handle ] )
public string read ([ resource $dir_handle ] )
public void rewind ([ resource $dir_handle ] )



The directory that was opened.


Can be used with other directory functions such as readdir(), rewinddir() and closedir().

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serxis at gmail dot com
2 months ago
If you have an error Directory::read() method not foundlike this one :
"PHP Fatal error:  Call to undefined method Directory::read() in ..."
try pth_read() instead of read() - undocumented "feature"
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