PHP 5.4.33 Released


(PHP 4 >= 4.0.4, PHP 5)

gmp_cmpConfronto di numeri


int gmp_cmp ( resource $a , resource $b )

Restituisce un valore positivo se a > b, zero se a = b e negativo se a < b.

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russell dot harper at springboardnetworks dot com
4 years ago
I've encountered a memory leak in gmp_cmp if a literal string is used as the second value inside of loops. A workaround is to initialize first, then use the variable. I wasn't able to generate a minimum code sample, it's something more complicated, but I was able to fix it as follows:


= gmp_init(strval(mt_rand()));

// Depending on surrounding code, may have leaks
while (true)
    if (!
gmp_cmp($x, '1'))

// Usually doesn't have leaks
$one = gmp_init('1');

while (
    if (!
gmp_cmp($x, $one))

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